The Warm Fuzzy Feeling of a Pointless Occupation


Around the world anti-corporate protesters are currently “occupying” the financial districts and CBDs of various major world cities. Of course here in Melbourne there is an equivalent demonstration that as I write is camped in a shanty town in Melbourne’s City Square. But, who are these protestors and what are they demonstrating against?

The occupation protest, obviously modeled on the sixties’ sit ins, seems to have been organized by tertiary students and judging from the correspondence on their official facebook page ( the participants are generally young. That in itself isn’t surprising, youth are always the ones with the energy for such blatant forms of protest, but they are also most likely to have misinterpreted or misunderstood the issues that led them there in the first place. The youthful organizers are also being backed, here and elsewhere around the world, by the Socialists and the radical green movement(, placing them right on the political fringes of reality.

This is evident from many of the comments left on the facebook page already, many of which refer to capitalism as a form of government. The last time that I checked Australia still operated under the Federal Westminster system of government- a constitutional monarchy, not a plutocracy. This seems to be the basic incorrect assumption that the protesters have made, that corporations are governing in some capacity. In fact just the opposite is true, corporations are governed. Governed by the laws that are passed in parliament, by economic conditions that are often beyond their control and, perhaps most importantly, by the law of supply and demand. If there was no demand for their services then there would be no corporations.

 So what are these occupational protesters hoping to achieve, and can they possibly achieve it? On the surface they seem to want big business to take notice of them and their message- Stop making huge profits! They make a great play out of the fact that the banks in Australia have recorded record profits throughout the GFC and that the huge corporations are exploiting  our national resources for mere money but this oversimplifies things far too much to make any worthwhile changes to our consumer society. Confronting corporate Australia with these issues stems from the misinterpretation of capitalism as our form of government and can have no real result because the corporations don’t really care.

 If these protesters are serious then they are going to have to take a longer term approach to the issues. If they think that corporations are being allowed to make too much profit then  they should spend this effort on getting themselves elected into the real government and change the laws. But of course that would require some real action as well as a much deeper understanding of the issues involved. For instance, how big is big business? Do we therefore set limits on the amount of profit that any business can make? When the corporations have been cut down to size, who is going to employ people? And, most importantly, when the occupation protesters are running the world, who is going to police them?

 Forecasts put the potential attendance in Melbourne today in the thousands but so far only around 750 have turned up. I am sure that the youthful participants in these protests will come away with that warm and fuzzy feeling of having done something to fix the world; they won’t be able to say what that something was, but they will have a lovely time while they are camped out in the city square doing it.


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D G Mattichak jr was born in 1963 in Syracuse New York and immigrated to Melbourne Australia with his family in 1972. He was educated in one of Melbourne’s exclusive private schools before studying art at Preston Technical College. D G Mattichak jr has been a student of the occult arts since the early 1980s and has become well known in Australian magickal circles and, in recent years, around the world due to a string of essays on a variety of occult subjects . He discovered the “key to the order & value of the English alphabet” from Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law in 1983 and has since used this English Qabalah to unlock the secrets of Thelemite magick. Success in these methods admitted him to the highest levels of attainment in various Hermetic disciplines and until recently he has been passing on his knowledge to private students, many of whom have gone on to become notable occultists in their own right. After almost three decades of study and development D G Mattichak jr has finally been able to distil his knowledge of magick and Thelema into a book- A Comment on the Verses of the Book of the Law, the first in a planned series of books on Hermeticism and Thelemite magick, revealing, for the first time in over a century, the secrets of magick that have been hidden in Crowley’s magnum opus, the Book of the Law. D G Mattichak jr currently lives in Melbourne Australia with his artist wife Michelle and their two cats. He has had a long career as an al a carte chef in Melbourne’s vibrant hospitality scene and now spends his time writing blogs on cooking, writing and, in the guise of Master Ankh af na Khonsu, about magick. He is also one of the founding members of the Mt Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering and regularly contributes to its official website as both an administrator and as an author. D G Mattichak jr’s first book Loot was released in 2009. His books are available through at G Mattichak&x=13&y=20 .
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One Response to The Warm Fuzzy Feeling of a Pointless Occupation

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    I agree they have only a sliver of truth in their pursuit. I’m quite certain this thing will either fade away or be crushed, given what I know of our rulers.

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