Reading the Signposts on the Road to the End of the World

A reevaluation of the Shape of Things ALTA Report from Half Past Human

Last December I wrote a post here called The Shape of Things in which I examined the ALTA report for December 2011. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Half Past Human (HPH), the Shape of Things report is a monthly analysis of the language that we are using on the internet. By examining the nature of the language that we are using in our online content Hugh Clif at HPH claims to have been able to make some remarkably accurate prognostications on future events.

In that original article I listed seven distinct predictions that the ALTA report for the time made about 2012. Recently I went back and bought the latest ALTA report to see how the Armageddon was coming along and this in turn inspired me to revisit my original article to compare the old and the new Shape of Things reports. To be fair, many of HPH’s predictions are made for later in the year but enough of the December 2011 ALTA report was specific to the early part of 2012, especially March, that we can now examine them with the comforting benefit of hindsight.

Another important point in all of this is that we are still really only learning how to interpret Big Data and HPH are the first to admit that they are on a very big learning curve. In fact it is the fascinating potential that Big Data has for being a tool for learning about ourselves that makes the ALTA reports so interesting. Large corporations are beginning to use Big Data analysis to examine markets for patterns and other useful indicators of consumer behavior so HPH’s attempts to analyze the biggest data sets of all have the potential to be insightful and revealing.

How 2012 Has Shaped Up So Far
The December Issue of the Shape of Things indicated that March 2012 was to be a turning point. According to HPH the tension that was building in the language would reach a peak on March 2012 and there would be a definite ‘before and after’ temporal marker. This appears to be a failed prognostication as a thorough perusal of the news headlines from March doesn’t reveal any indication of a defining historical moment other than the EU deciding that they would have to bail Greece out of its financial woes.

The second prediction that HPH made in December 2011 was that hyperinflation would become rampant and that it would be impossible for the Main Stream Media (MSM) to keep it quiet any longer. The prophesied hyperinflation has not swept across the globe and rendered our paper currencies valueless so far and it would hardly have taken a super computer and a complex analysis of Big Data sets to figure out that Europe is broke. Neither was there a point in March 2012 when the fiscal illusion that has been spun by our elected leaders came spectacularly undone as the December 2011 report predicted.

The decline in our confidence in our leadership has been in progress for quite a number of years but it still remains to be seen if HPH’s prediction that 2012 is the year when we abandon them altogether or not. Again I don’t think that this is much of a prediction.

The fourth prediction that HPH made in 2012 was that there would be a significant leak of sensitive secret information and that a political gaffe would let the government’s concealed agenda out of the bag. So far there hasn’t been anything that has been leaked that is earth shattering in its implications unless Secret Service agents not paying Columbian whores is going to alter the course of human history. We all knew that Mitt Romney though that corporations are people and politicians say so many stupid things that a truly embarrassing gaffe isn’t impossible but to date it seems that the big one is yet to come.

There has been some litigation taken out against the faceless Wall Street pundits that lost all of the money but so far they have been little fish and none of the truly big players look like they are even close to being in hot water. Even when J P Morgan Chase lost another $9 billion the executive that bungled the deal walked with a $32 million golden parachute and Jamie Dimon, the Chief Executive of J P Morgan Chase came out of it without a scratch.

The fifth prediction seems to be rapidly becoming a reality with HPH indicating that The Powers That Be (TPTB) wanting to ramp up a new theater of war in order to distract the masses from their other double dealings. To some extent this seems to be happening in Syria at the moment but again the knowledge of the escalating tensions in the Middle East means that this prediction was hardly a bolt out of the blue.

The sixth set of predictions from the December ALTA report were about the entrenched elite being sold out by their faithless or double crossed minions. This was to have revealed their skullduggery to the masses who in turn are meant to have turned on their ersatz masters demanding justice/revenge/atonement. So far there haven’t been any lynching of either corporate CEOs or Congressmen but the year is only half way through.

The final predictions of the December ALTA report were concerned with the fallout from the Fukoshima nuclear disaster. HPH reported that the situation in Japan would get increasingly worse while at the same time it would have a deleterious effect on the world’s environment. Air travel was tipped to be disrupted and the world was to be pushed to the brink of a crisis. To date there has been very little developing news out of Japan about the disaster but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t yet to come.

Another prediction that HPH made that was quite specific was the emergence of a blonde woman who would be touted as some sort of savior by the MSM. She is to be a temporal marker for the progress of the change that is sweeping the world. So far there have only been the usual cattle call of media blondes but I suppose that there is plenty of time left in 2012 for her to come along yet.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse- Drurer

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse- Drurer

Counting Down to the Apocalypse
Even though HPH’s interpretation of their future history doesn’t appear to be motoring along very well at the moment I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Time is an elusive and illusory element to define accurately in any prophesy that is worth its salt. To say that a given day or even month will be a pivotal point in history is drawing a long bow when most important historical changes are in fact spread across several years. My perusal of the May edition of the Shape of Things has somewhat confirmed me in the opinion that HPH may have the what but not the when.

In this latest ALTA report Hugh Clif has changed the way that he interprets the report in response to the shift from tension building language to release language that was indicated in the December 2011 ALTA Report. According to Clif;
The new format is in the form of a ‘question and answer’, or interview lay-out. Both the questions, and their inherent linguistic bias, are a result of selecting resulting data from modelspace based on the same criteria that has been in place since 2003 when the SpaceGoatFarts entity was created to contain all of the accumulating mass of [unknown] and [officially denied] data archetypes entering the system. So, in this respect, our work these last months is yet another in my on-going attempts to respond to ‘real world’ changes that affect our data flow.
This has changed the shape of the report to a degree but it has left the general intent still intact and the thread of prediction that runs through the May 2012 ALTA Report makes six quite distinct prognostications.

1. The Fukoshima meltdown coverup crisis will finally come to a head at some point late in 2012. There are mass evacuations and widespread fears of a full blown nuclear disaster. There will be a revelation that the facts of what was really going on at Fukoshima has been kept secret from the public and incriminating evidence will come to light which will cause mass indignation.

2. The May ALTA Report focuses very specifically on the failure of fiat money in the form of paper currency and most especially digi-dollars. It is predicting a run on gold that will begin to force the price upwards which will in turn motivate TPTB to try and artificially suppress the rising price so that they can buy enough to weather the coming storm. The fiscal crisis will lead to governments moving to make mandatory acquisition of gold stocks in order to back their currencies.

3. The ALTA report makes a number of references to the fall from grace of the MSM and predicts that they news that they are given to tell us will become so patently ridiculous that the masses will refuse to believe them any more. Instances of prominent media personalities being humiliated and attacked in public, with some media personalities being pelted with food- a tried and true method for the masses to show their disapproval. This will reach a peak between July and September when there will be a significant leak of previously secret information that will prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

4. The result of this leaked information is predicted to be a total abandonment of all belief in government which is closely followed by the descent into chaos as mainly young people roit in protest. During the reigning confusion some of the entrenched elite will use the opportunity to settle old scores with other members of TPTB who are collectively going into retreat. This will motivate the government to try and exert total control over the media and to control the masses with the same old messages about the imminent threat of terrorism and by covering up their wrong doings.

5. In a related prediction, one that may well come to fruition during the coming Olympic games, surveillance equipment in Great Britain will be damaged by a corrosive liquid as a popular form of dissent at the public being monitored by authorities. It seems that the language online is pointing towards people urinating on the cameras to protest against the intrusion of Big Brother into their affairs becoming endemic over the next few months.

6. The biggest prediction that the May ALTA Report makes is that there will be widespread volcanic activity that will obscure the sun and cause widespread famine. There will also be earthquakes and perhaps even new land that is created. These geological changes will reveal a previously hidden source of knowledge, or some sort of temple, that will be a significant temporal marker as well as the source of important new learning. The environmental prognostications also included a prediction that there would be extensive wildfires in North America, an oracle that seems to have come true in recent weeks.

The ALTA report still points to the emergence of the blonde woman savior that had been indicated in the previous report, there are also indications of widespread power blackouts that have cities electricity supplies being supplemented by ships harbored nearby.

While just enough of the December ALTA report seemed to be coming true the latest oracle from the Time Monks takes us through the looking glass. The fact that Big Data has so much potential as an analytical tool makes it tempting to believe that Hugh Clif and his team are onto something but the increasingly extreme nature of the predictions is beginning to try my credulity.  Perhaps TPTB (whoever they are) does have an insidious plan for world domination and maybe we have been misled about the real extent of the nuclear disaster in Japan but things like this have never been the end of the world in the past and I don’t see them being the trigger for the Apocalypse now either. Perhaps instead of picking up what will actually happen HPH are accurately interpreting what the people in cyberspace want to happen. I suppose that if I am wrong I will just have to eat my tin foil hat.


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4 Responses to Reading the Signposts on the Road to the End of the World

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    I confess a limited study of nuclear physics, but some study nonetheless. I already know the MSM have done their best to hide the big mess of Fukushima, but some of it leaked recently in spite of them. The one thing I find most worrisome is the probability of sudden failure of cooling in any of the massive collections of stored used fuel rods atop each of the reactors. It’s just possible the sudden exposure of the rods to open air could reach something approaching a critical mass event — either an explosion, or a very high speed burning with similar effects in terms of released radiation particles.

    I’m pretty sure we already have at least one complete reactor meltdown, but that doesn’t seem to offer the same drama, though still very messy. A slagged pool of molten fuel boiling it’s way down into the ground is less likely to spread radiation across the globe. Isn’t it nice to know with prevailing wind patterns, Oz is out of the drift zone? We in the Northern Hemisphere are at some risk.

    • It could well be true that Japan is covering up the worst of the disaster. If the predictions in the ALTA report are even close to true then it will have a large impact on the Pacific with lots of references to dead fish and mutations. That said I do take HPH with a grain of salt but it is still one of the most interesting things that I have found on the internet.

  2. silver price says:

    I am not sure what the alta report is. Have a link with more info or where it can be purchased?

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