The End of the World Has Been Postponed Due to Technical Difficulties

How Many Times Has the World Ended

How Many Times Has the World Ended?

Back in November I posted my thoughts on the coming Armageddon in a piece called The Never Ending Countdown to Armageddon- 21 December 2012 in which I enumerated the various predictions of the end of the world throughout the ages. In that post I assured my readers that I was prepared (being a Virgo) for the coming (or second coming, depending upon your point of view) of the Apocalypse. When the end didn’t arrive on schedule, and after overcoming my disappointment at having missed the Four Horsemen I went to my main source of apocalyptic intelligence, Facebook to find out why not.

The Facebook end-of-worlders were eerily quiet and so I had to dig deeper. Google turned up a murmur of a rumor that the calculations for the Armageddon were perhaps not as correct as they could have been and subsequently there was talk of postponing the end of the world to a date in 2015. I was sure that Clif Hugh at Half Past Human would have all of the vital data on the new date of the (less) impending end of existence. Unfortunately Clif is focused on a Global Coastal Event and so he has been busy stocking up his own bunker with cans of Spam and freeze dried Peas. Last I heard he was putting his efforts towards preserving the accumulated learning of the world by preserving a library of e-books for the reawakening that will follow our descent into the darkness of the pit.

Interestingly the end of the world fan club on social media have simply dropped the whole December 21st phenomenon as if it wasn’t really that important after all and have gone back to rallying for the unflouridation of our water supplies and other low level urban conspiracies that they are won’t to amuse themselves with. It is rather like a wave has washed over the beach and we are waiting for the sea to generate the next wave of predictions. So far the 2015 date hasn’t gained much momentum but it will take a while for the web designers to get the new pages on the web before the next wave of Apocalypse-itis hits the newsfeed on your favorite social network.

Many people that were looking forward to December 21st being a pivotal point in human evolution were very keen on the idea that it was a temporal marker for the dawn of a new spiritual awareness across the globe. I found myself often being surprised by the people that had some sort of inner sense that this enlightenment en-masse would be coming, that the coming years would be a time of important change. While I didn’t rush online and buy a set of unicorn cards from Diana Cooper it did inspire me to think about it more deeply.

I came to the conclusion that people intrinsically want a change from the round of life and the desire for a great awakening of the populace in a pan global golden dawn was a powerful wish phantasm. Unlike the original apocalyptic wish phantasm of St Paul predicting that Christ would return to redeem the world and the series that have followed these have a definitely new age flavor to them. In the 21st Century we are no longer waiting for the Redeemer to return and justify the Christian era, we are waiting for everyone to perceive the Light that redeems from within.

As is usual in my synchronistic life as I was pondering these modern day conundrums I was contacted by Allison Morris who had created an amusing infographic for her website. It documents a long history of end-of-the-worlders who have been declaiming our doom for over two millennia now without success. My favorite is the chicken laying eggs that portended the end of the world- to me it posed the question of whose world was going to end and was it going to involve soup? I remember being disappointed by the display that Halley’s Comet gave the Earth on its last visit to the interior of the Solar System and I admit that I laughed at the doomsayers then, after all it wasn’t going to hit the Earth or anything, and I was confused as to why these people saw the comet as a portent of the end rather than as an expression of the wonder and beauty of the universe that we live in.

This is why I am skeptical that there will be any sort of widespread spiritual awakening across the globe. People would rather that the enduring changes that are wrought in the world are more dramatic than an epidemic of self realization. While the common man still views the most wondrous displays of creation as a sign that the end is approaching he won’t be capable of knowing himself. As disappointing as this sounds, I see it as just another of the universes wonders and I imagine that Allison’s infographic will probably grow in length considerably before the world really does come to an end. At least we can be sure that there will be someone there who will be able to say that he told us so.

Image by Allison Morris,


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