Crowd Sourcing, Caiseal Mór and the Dreaming Tree

In the past year I have struck up a cyber friendship with the talented Caiseal Mór, an established author of fantasy novels and a musician with an eclectic new age style that has been described as the soundtrack to your imagination. Caiseal has been performing his music at a series of events that are a mixture of music and spiritual practice as he leads his audience on a lucid dreaming experience, playing for up to seven hours at a time, a challenge for any musician.

Recently Caiseal embarked on a new project to record and release his next album himself and in order to fund it he has headed in the direction of many independent artists of the cyber age and is crowd sourcing the financial backing. Crowd sourcing has come to take on many forms in 2013, from piecing together Open Source software applications to compiling written anthologies and even in one instance that I am aware of, for funding the start up of a new café.

Caiseal is a pretty amazing guy. He has written 14 bestselling novels, plays a wide range of instruments, makes traditional style drums from recycled material and is a keen proponent of sigil magick. All of that and he was diagnosed as being autistic as a child. As his partner, artist Helen Wells puts it; “He has savant skills in music, language and the arts. Usually he only needs to see someone play an instrument once or twice before he can pick it up and play it as if he always had. Within a few hours, days or weeks of practice, depending on incoming distractions from the outside world, he can have the skills to perform and record any instrument.”

What is Magic- Caiseal Mor

What is Magic- Caiseal Mor

Dreaming Tree- The Green Album will be Caiseal’s 13th CD and this is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a fascinating musical project as well as a very 21st Century method for producing art that is independent of the intrusion of major corporations (who would struggle to understand Caiseal’s work let alone see the value in it). He is trying to raise a substantial budget for the recording and production and he is offering a range of levels of involvement.

If this sort of project is the sort of initiative that you like to support, if you are a fan of Caiseal’s books or his music or you just want to find out more then pop over to his website and find out more. In the end, if we aren’t willing to support the artists that are out of the mainstream of pop music then we only have ourselves to blame for the bland, generic pop music that will end up being the soundtrack of our lives.


About dgmattichakjr

D G Mattichak jr was born in 1963 in Syracuse New York and immigrated to Melbourne Australia with his family in 1972. He was educated in one of Melbourne’s exclusive private schools before studying art at Preston Technical College. D G Mattichak jr has been a student of the occult arts since the early 1980s and has become well known in Australian magickal circles and, in recent years, around the world due to a string of essays on a variety of occult subjects . He discovered the “key to the order & value of the English alphabet” from Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law in 1983 and has since used this English Qabalah to unlock the secrets of Thelemite magick. Success in these methods admitted him to the highest levels of attainment in various Hermetic disciplines and until recently he has been passing on his knowledge to private students, many of whom have gone on to become notable occultists in their own right. After almost three decades of study and development D G Mattichak jr has finally been able to distil his knowledge of magick and Thelema into a book- A Comment on the Verses of the Book of the Law, the first in a planned series of books on Hermeticism and Thelemite magick, revealing, for the first time in over a century, the secrets of magick that have been hidden in Crowley’s magnum opus, the Book of the Law. D G Mattichak jr currently lives in Melbourne Australia with his artist wife Michelle and their two cats. He has had a long career as an al a carte chef in Melbourne’s vibrant hospitality scene and now spends his time writing blogs on cooking, writing and, in the guise of Master Ankh af na Khonsu, about magick. He is also one of the founding members of the Mt Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering and regularly contributes to its official website as both an administrator and as an author. D G Mattichak jr’s first book Loot was released in 2009. His books are available through at G Mattichak&x=13&y=20 .
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2 Responses to Crowd Sourcing, Caiseal Mór and the Dreaming Tree

  1. Lizzy Rose says:

    Wonderful article David,
    Supporting our unique and precious home grown talents like Caiseal Mor is essential to the well being peace and comfort so many of us search for.
    Blessings Lizzy Rose

    • Caiseal is a really unique individual and his partner Helen is a very talented artist too. People with talents need to be nurtured and respected in our society, not marginalized. History will judge us by the artists of our time and how we responded to them.

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