A List of My Most Popular Articles (so far)

Over the time that this blog has been running some of the posts have been more popular with visitors than others. The volume of traffic to some of them is quite surprising while others have an obvious evergreen quality to the content.

This list of the most popular blog posts includes those that have attracted the most visitors to dgmattichakjr.com as well as a selection of articles that have generated the most buzz in the blogosphere and on social media sites.

Sell Your Soul and Mind: Buy a myki Card

The Rosicrucian Roots of Modern Witchcraft Cults

The Key to the Order & Value of the English Alphabet

The Resurrection of The Chariots of the Gods

True Friends Stab You in the Front

Native English Fluency is a Marketable Skill

The Magick of Money

Where to Find the Magick on the Web

New Age Spiritual Eclecticism- The Path to Wisdom or Self Indulgence

Wicca’s Relevance to Thelema

The Mystical Magick of Theurgy

Playing the Divination Game with the Book of Thoth: a Short History of the Tarot

Layering Social Conventions on Facebook

The Magick of Words

Freedom of Speech and the Right to Remain Silent

Thelemites and Crowleyanity

Recommended Occult Reading

Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance in the Temple of the Hidden Wisdom

Conspiracy Theories and Tales of Armageddon

Being Mindful on the Path to Presence

Who Put the Magick in Tarot?

Brand Name Gods

The Magick of Jack Parson, Modern Scholarship & Chinese Whispers

Facebook Occultists

Buying Enlightenment

The Color of Money


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