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DG Mattichak Jr

DG Mattichak Jr

D G Mattichak Jr was born on the eve of the September equinox of 1963 in the upstate New York university town of Syracuse. At the time Apollo was passing through the twilight of the sign of the Virgin and the Fishes were just rising on the eastern horizon. Mercury’s influence was in the zenith and was so marked an influence in his nativity that as a child he naturally felt drawn towards the world of the intellect and, as a consequence he spent the greater part of his childhood with his nose in a book.

When Luna had made just one precession David emigrated to Melbourne, Australia with his family and began a new life; a stranger in a strange land. Although he recognized the local language as his familiar English it was spoken in a way that was entirely unfamiliar and, in order to assimilate himself into the local populace, he set about learning the tongue and the culture of his new home. The second half of his childhood was spent in the pursuit of the favored activities of the natives of the Great Southern Land. Long, hot and dry summers filled with cricket and day trips to the beach were followed by the mild, although grey wet winters that his new home of Melbourne is noted for. These colder months were taken up with easy school days and the local obsession with Australian Rules Football.

David’s natural scholarly persuasion led to him winning a scholarship to attend one of Melbourne’s oldest and most prestigious private schools and he was initiated into the society of the old school tie. At this fine old ivy covered Presbyterian institution he had the rules of the English grammar, the principals of mathematics, the hard sciences and business management hammered through his largely uncooperative skull and so, when he finally departed his alma mater with the school hymn still ringing in his ears, it was to the surprise of many that knew him that he chose to study art.

During these college years, the days were spent exploring the theory of composition, perfecting the use of the brush and the palette and plumbing the depths of the chiaroscuro of the Old Masters, while the nights were taken up with the study of the occult sciences. When the art studies ended he took up the study of the black arts with greater energy and, after becoming a Neophyte in a venerable magical order he applied himself to the Great Work, progressing through the grades of that temple with a steady determination.

As Jupiter and Uranus danced in one of their rare triple conjunctions, the operation of the Sacred Magick that is central to the discipline of his magical order provided him with the first glimmer of its ultimate success. As has been related in his comprehensive examination of the Latin Qabalah, the order & value of the English letters was discovered in Liber Al vel Legis at this time and the theoretical and practical instructions that they exposed in its text informed his magical workings from that time to the present.

DG and Pup the cattle dog

DG and Pup the cattle dog

Having become adept at many of the magical arts, DG determined that the next logical step was to use them to make his way in the world. At the same time, there was an underlying desire to experience the opportunity for adventure that this life has to offer. Just as many a scion of an affluent family tree had before him, this prodigal son set off on the journey to explore his world and to understand his place in it. Along the way he tried his hand at a variety of occupations, working variously at jewelry making, serigraphy, graphic design; as a potter’s assistant, a roustabout and any other offer that came along before settling on a career as an al a carte chef.

Melbourne’s cosmopolitan verve offered him the opportunity to be exposed to foods and cuisines from every corner of the globe and the vibrant restaurant industry provided a never ending supply of new kitchens to cook in and new chefs to cook with. After learning the trade and eventually becoming chef de cuisine in his own right, he worked in many of Melbourne’s best known eateries and later at many of the city’s iconic public events.

Having had a good deal of professional success as a chef, DG felt that it was time to move onto something new and he decided to indulge his lifelong desire to write. Although he had devoted a great deal of time to the kitchen he had continued to progress along the magick path and it was the things that were learned from his practice of the black arts that were the first topics that he chose to write about. After getting a positive response from many publishers without landing a publishing deal, DG decided to go to a more mainstream medium and wrote his first novel, Loot. This short work of crime fiction was picked up immediately and finally opened the doors to becoming a writer as a full time occupation.

Beltane 86

With Caroline Tully at Mt Franklin, Beltane 1986

DG’s next project was to publish the key to the order & value of the English alphabet that he had found in the Book of the Law and so he undertook the laborious process of elucidating fully on the Latin Qabalah and the Thelemite magick that the key had revealed to him. After many months of editing A Comment on the Verses of the Book of the Law was published in the spring of 2010. At about the same time as this was in progress David was asked to contribute to creating an online presence for one of the world’s longest running public Neo-pagan events. He had been involved with the Beltane gathering at Victoria’s Mt Franklin in its earliest years and was invited to be a part of its entry into the digital age by creating the MFAPG website.

The largely positive response to the comment on Liber Al encouraged DG to launch a website to be a platform that was solely devoted to discussing Thelemite magick. Many of the earliest posts on this blog touched on occultism and so there was some assurance that it would develop a following but its overall success and popularity have been beyond anything that was expected. With this new platform, AnkhafnaKhonsu Esoterica, DG soon developed a strong and loyal following of fans and readers that have made it possible for him to continue to write.

His early life in the Land of the Free imparted a particularly American mindset in him and established the beginnings of a lifelong belief in Libertarianism and a humanist perspective, so when DG was invited to write for Moot Magazine he saw it as an opportunity to broaden his writing horizons and to try his hand at more disciplined styles of writing. His first article, Spirituality- the New Religion for the New Age became one of the most read articles published in Moot and the following piece, The 99% Occupy No Man’s Land, was cited as an original history of the popular people’s movement. Moot was the first of many magazines to accept his work and since 2011 he has amassed a considerable list of magazine publishing credits.

Early in 2012 DG published his second novel, Master of the Crossroads, a steampunk inspired horror story. This was followed by the release of The Sword & The Serpent, a description of his experiences with astral traveling on the Paths of Sepher Yetzirah. David became a full time freelance writer from this time and used the opportunity of interacting with various clients and editors to improve his writing. As a freelancer DG has written for a number of large online projects and has also ghostwritten a number of books. He has also continued to produce articles and essays on occult topics, many of which can be read on DG’s webpage at Scribd.

All of this brought DG to the attention of the publishers at OTHER magazine who approached him to become a part of their publishing project and he is currently filling the role of online editor as well as regular contributor to the magazine. His debut piece for the magazine, The Enchanted Art of Vali Myers, is one of the first articles to examine the work of this artist who is being recognized as one of the major Australian artists of the Twentieth century.

DG’s latest work, Pyramidos: Self Initiation in the Aeon of Horus is a comprehensive examination of several fundamental ceremonies in Aleister Crowley’s system of Thelemite Magick.

DG and Michelle

DG and Michelle

Currently DG is still writing for websites, magazines and whoever else is willing to pay him to put their ideas into legible sentences. He lives in Melbourne with Michelle, his wife of 25 years and their two cats. He continues to be an avid networker and enjoys the contact that this blog provides to connect with readers from around the world.


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