The Sword & The Serpent Excerpt

Chapter 1

The Vision of the 32nd Path of Sepher Yetzirah which is called the Administrative Intelligence

The Sword & The Serpent

The Sword & The Serpent

The Vision opens to me and I pass into it easily observed by the Kerubim of the four quarters; the grey and white Eagle above to my left the radiant white Angel to my right the golden Lion and as I pass I tread upon the broad brown back of the Bull. Immediately upon penetrating the gate I am alone in a vast sea of darkness and silence drifting in an infinite void of velvet black tinged with a shadow of a hint of slate grey.

From what I perceive to be the essential material of this void issues a brilliance that begins as a gossamer of white mist which grows to be all pervading and I am swallowed up into the experience of this all encompassing Light. Only after a supreme effort of will am I able to break through this veil of brilliance which is now parting for my passage by coalescing into a vivid image.

The components rapidly evolve into an image and the Vision of My Lady Nuit is upon me appearing to me as the Black Lady of the Night and I am rapt up in awe of Her beautiful body. She presents herself as a whirling force constantly forming a static vision of Her infinite splendor and yet constantly merging into new and infinitely varied forms as a shadow merging with other areas of darkness might change its shapes. Her back is arched and Her knees are bent with Her toes pointing to Earth and My Lady of the Night looks backwards over her head at the world as She swims in the grey dark sea of Silence.

I will myself to move closer to the Goddess and in so doing I become aware that I am passing through a thin circle of green which offers only a whisper of resistance to my passage into the Heaven of My Lady of the Stars. This Aire is as black as jet when viewed essentially yet one has an awareness of a deep blue tinge as it is seen by the eye giving the whole Path a certain iridescence. Bringing my gaze slowly back to the countenance of Nuit I see Her lips part to allow the passage of her divine exhalation!

As this breath issues from her throat and lips the vision is filled with a deafening scream, a screech that penetrates to the marrow and flashes across the Universe in its extension. It is as if the fabric of creation itself has been rent by the Word which is Silence for although the vision has been filled by the intensity and vibration of Her divine expression the Goddess’ Word is Silence.

It is that perfect silence that is a void of all sound and it makes me aware of its absence and its void threatens to swallow me up into its perfected rapture. I fall swooning into it if it is a chasm and it pulls me to its centre by its powerful vortex of negative existence towards which my positive being is impelled almost magnetically. Slowly with an effort I resist my plummeting descent and pull myself out of my momentary disorientation. I am just in time to witness the Breath of the Goddess become a tongue of flame which appears to me as the Word by which she manifests Her perfected creations.

This Flame of the Word is a white hot fire shot through with red and orange sparks with surges of blue electricity and with scorching ultra-violet flashes. It issues from the open mouth of the Goddess in a long stream bending to trace the path of Her spiral dance through creation. This flame extends until it begins to form a great arc of a spiral when it suddenly transforms itself into a curved ray of emerald green light of great intensity and precision. The transformation of the flame travelling from the tip finally touches the lips of the Goddess and instantly the spiraling green ray is made to be a ring that circumscribes the entire universe newly made by my Lady Nuit!

My vision is drawn to this circumference of the circle which is in reality hyperbolic, so that from any point upon its perimeter the green line appears to extend to infinity in both directions although I remain constantly aware of its existence as a perfect circle. The natural rotation of the Aethyr has made me drift near to the ring now and I see that all of the vision is being pulled into its positive being.

Closer inspection of this line reveals an incredible and complex detail in its composition. The surface of the ring of green light seems at first to be covered by a regular but random pattern. This seems to melt into a myriad of facets before my focus sees that there are actually innumerable scales of equally as many hues and that the greenness of the whole is an illusory iridescence or sheen. This realization causes the entire vision to come back into focus and into its proper perspective again and I immediately perceive that the emerald line is indeed a giant serpent or python. The snake’s body issues from the mouth of the Goddess of Night as she is still spread across the centre of the vision in Her Nubian Glory as she exhales the fire of Her Word. The fire has become an all-encompassing green line and the green line has become a serpent of emerald and finally the snake has his tail in his mouth and he is for all Eternity and Eternally does the Infinite Goddess spew him forth from her beautiful lips as the Word. Even though I have seen the end of his transformation I still perceive the serpent as he has been in all three of his forms simultaneously and so I comprehend his eternally changing nature as his truest being.

This epiphany inspires me and I strive more assiduously to partake of the vision of the great serpent with more clarity and intensity. By summoning the last of my reserves of will and of concentration, for the previous efforts have been strenuous and have severely taxed me, I am able to penetrate the vision of the Emerald Serpent with its tail in its mouth more deeply and I become lucidly aware of the serpent’s scales now distinctly either emerald greed or of blood red.

As the great snake writhes in its orbit these scales tend to change, green becoming red and red returning to green, with the overall balance still in favor of emerald and imparting a viridian glow to the coils of the viper. Inspection reveals that each individual scale is a unique facet of the created universe; an individual life in the material universe of the serpent’s windings. Every scale presents a differing aspect of an infinite whole constantly moving and changing so that the length of the serpent is caused to pass before me whereupon the focus of my vision begins to recede and I am aware again of the scene of this plane in its entirety.

Now I see that the Serpent is moving around the Goddess of Night in an eternal writhing dance counterbalancing Her own slow spiraling passage. The serpent’s writhing winding scales imparts a gleam as of red gold to the python’s skin which is perfectly complimented by the same hue appearing as sweat upon the jet black Nubian skin of the Body of My Lady.

Overcome by the splendor of the vision I cry with all of my breath;

“O Eternal Serpent! Beautiful Snake! May I ever fall in swoon enraptured at the Vision of Your gleaming coils!” marking the climax of the vision of the path and the scene is beginning to disintegrate.

I am exhausted at the peak of my efforts and the vision begins to return to the velvet jet black of its beginning. All the while there is a Silence yet the infinite void screams of its deafening existence in one continuous rush to fill the aural emptiness. This sound like a roaring gale screaming its power to the ends of the universe swallows me up in its truest void and I am caught in a veil of extreme white brilliance. This brilliance grows in a flash to be all encompassing soon devouring all of the rest of the vision of the path and finally receding from my sight until it is no more than a pin prick of the most intense light and entirely gone from my sight.

I am left with the Blessings of My Lady of the Stars the Queen of Heaven the Infinite Goddess Nuit and Her consort the Winged Serpent of Light Eternal burning in my heart. Amen.

Midnight 23 August 1996