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Mysterious Beasts of the Antipodes

The Australian outback is the home for some of the most unusual animals in the world and, in the years that I have lived here I have been lucky enough to meet many of the unique fauna of Terra Australis … Continue reading

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The Opening Salvos in the Election of the Next Wizard of Oz

So now that the issues have been made so clear to me, I settled in to watch my fourth favorite spectator sport (behind cricket, Formula 1 and Australian Rules Football), politics. The opening salvo was fired on both sides when the protagonists met for the first Leaders’ Debate at the Press Club Continue reading

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Customer Training in the Age of Digital Efficiency

Unless you live in a remote part of the earth where everything isn’t bar coded, or under a rock (or both), then you will be familiar with the process. When you come to pay for your purchases you are confronted by a bank of screens with all of the scales, bags and barcode readers are lined up at the front end of the store with a single attendant overseeing their operation. This person is there to offer assistance to customers that have difficulties with operating the technology and to make sure that every potato gets weighed. Continue reading

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The Color of Money

Both sides are secure in the knowledge that whatever happens the expensive plans that they present during their meaningless electioneering will be financed because the banks will let them print as much money as they want to spend. The fiscal projections of the rival parties has very little to do with how much money they possess, that is relatively immaterial. Their projections are based on how much they can reasonably overheat the economy before there will be too great a burden on the people to sustain. Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech and the Right to Remain Silent

Just the fact that the New South Wales Parliament considered revoking the right of its citizens to remain silent when being questioned by police is mind boggling enough in itself. That this bill actually passed, and was paid for with the standard thirty pieces of silver that is the due of those who betray the people that they are supposed to be representing, is unbelievable. Regardless of the motivation there can never be sufficient reason to compel anyone to be a witness against themselves and by undermining this fundamental human right the NSW Nazi Liberal Party have revealed their truest intentions. If ever there was a time when we should be using our much vaunted freedom of speech to speak out against abuses of our freedom then this de-evolutionary step towards autocratic tyranny is one. Continue reading

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