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Mysterious Beasts of the Antipodes

The Australian outback is the home for some of the most unusual animals in the world and, in the years that I have lived here I have been lucky enough to meet many of the unique fauna of Terra Australis … Continue reading

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There are No Secrets in Cyberspace- More Tales of Horror from Facebook

As the approach of the main launch of Graph Search approaches and users are discovering what is coming their way there is a new wave of grumbles developing in Facebook’s corner of cyberspace with all of the usual messages of impending doom appearing in the newsfeed. Of course, as is usual, the main issue of contention is the worry that Facebook is contravening our privacy by making our previously hidden posts and photos findable through this new search feature. Many users that have seen old images of themselves suddenly resurfacing in the newsfeed have incorrectly concluded that Facebook has somehow altered their carefully configured privacy settings and is now making their most private moments in life that they were only sharing with their closest 137 friends (the average number of friends that Facebook users have) public property. Continue reading

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A Day For Black Cats

As the Naked Listener informed me on his eclectic and interesting blog, today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and so I have decided to be self-indulgent and post a picture of my own black cat QT. Continue reading

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