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The Business of Writing 3

One of the first misconceptions about being an author is that all that you have to do is get your book published and it will go on and start selling like mad. The reality is that unless you have told them that it is there nobody is going to know and that isn’t going to sell a whole lot of books. This is the part of book promotions where you use your hard sell pitch to your prospective customers/readers and there are several avenues open to authors to directly promote their books. Not all of these methods are going to work for every kind of book or for every author but most authors will be able to apply one or two of these activities to their book marketing strategy. Continue reading

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The Last Post

For whatever irrational reason we become obsessed at this time of year with looking back on the year just passed and with resolving to do better in the year to come. Simply because of the arbitrary choice of a date from which the days of the year begin counting up afresh we all feel the urge to make ‘out with the old and in with the new’ a fixation for a few days before returning to our normal circadian rhythms and taking up once again the habits that were so recently and devoutly foresworn. Continue reading

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The Mindless Monologues of Madam S

normally a simple case of crossed swords (or is that wands?) with the latest celebrity witch wouldn’t stir me to action but what makes this case so entertaining is that the spat wasn’t over anything esoteric, it was about Facebook etiquette or something… Continue reading

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Thelemites and Crowleyanity

investigating Thelemites and Thelemic resources on the internet … in turn has raised in my mind the question of where Thelema is at now and how that relates to what is actually said in the Book of the Law. To understand this, first we must look at the history of the development of Thelema as a religion as well as at the works of Thelema’s first prophet on order to determine how much is Thelemite and how much is Crowleyanity. Continue reading

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A blog by any other name

Today’s postaday 2011 topic asking me to explain the name of my blog and why I chose it seemed to be an open invitation from the folk at Wordpress to shamelessly plug my blogs so I will. Continue reading

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