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The Freelancer, Self Promotion and Perpetual Networking

My life has become an exercise in perpetual networking Continue reading

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Style Isn’t a Personal Predilection

Most people, when they write something, give very little consideration to the style that they are using. After all, when we are knocking up a shopping list or hurriedly scribbling a note for someone to tell them that we will be late for dinner we hardly have the time to check our work for prosidy or to admire our alliteration. Nevertheless even these random scribbling tend to conform to a certain style of writing that is useful to our immediate needs. Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Papers

Anyone who is interested in really finding out about some current event isn’t going to run up to the corner shop for a copy of The Age, they’re almost certainly going to google it. Daily television news programs are hardly the place to go in depth into the real stories of the day, no one wants to confront the truth as they eat their corn flakes in the morning, so they re-hash the top few stories and focus more and more on advertising and human interest/feel good stories. The evening news bulletin is little more than a roundup of the day’s top events that have come off of the APP or Reuters sites with a schmaltzy dose of local/human interest thrown in to go with your sausages and mash at night. Continue reading

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