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Spiderbots Can’t Read

In my life as a freelance copywriter I learn a good many things, much of it is basically useless trivia but some of it is absolutely essential to my 21st Century life. Most of what I have been writing revolves around discussing, explaining or expressing an opinion on something to do with internet marketing. Dull, I know, but a guy’s gotta eat right? Anyway, in the course of my researches into the ins and outs of things like search marketing and click through rates I often run across something that is relevant to my efforts as a blogger. Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing, Caiseal Mór and the Dreaming Tree

Caiseal is a pretty amazing guy. He has written 14 bestselling novels, plays a wide range of instruments, makes traditional style drums from recycled material and is a keen proponent of sigil magick. All of that and he was diagnosed as being autistic as a child. Continue reading

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The Business of Writing 1

Most people have an image of authors and the business of writing that owes more to fiction than reality. The popular idea that writers scratch out a scintillating new novel and fire it off to their publishers between sipping martinis at celebrity soirees and attending book signings where their adoring fans queue for them to scrawl a platitude over their signature in copies of their latest novel are a nice dream but they have nothing to do with this plane of existence. Continue reading

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Native English Fluency is a Marketable Skill

In the past couple of weeks I have discovered something very useful- being a fluent native speaker (reader-writer) of the English language is a marketable skill in the 21st Century. It turns out that the time that my old English Master spent drumming boring grammar into my thick adolescent skull wasn’t a waste of time after all. Who’d a thunk it? Continue reading

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Pointers for Effective Blog Writing

Good writing is the essence of successfully communicating the message that the writer has for the reader and taking the time to produce a well written article is the difference between capturing a new reader and letting them slip away to the next blog Continue reading

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