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Kudos and Criticism in Cyberspace

Sites like Blogger or WordPress, Tumblr and Facebook have generated an online subculture that shares (and often over-shares) their experience, knowledge or even random thoughts with anyone that cares to read or watch them. Like everything else that we create, this subculture generates both a light and a dark aspect to its application. Continue reading

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Rolling with the Punches- 50 Years of the Rolling Stones

Recently I was contacted by Marie who asked if I would let her guest post here about her new website that celebrates the Rolling Stones turning 50 (the same age as me!). I have been a fan of the Stones forever and as the byline of this page is ‘blogging about everything’ I agreed to post her article. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Spiderbots Can’t Read

In my life as a freelance copywriter I learn a good many things, much of it is basically useless trivia but some of it is absolutely essential to my 21st Century life. Most of what I have been writing revolves around discussing, explaining or expressing an opinion on something to do with internet marketing. Dull, I know, but a guy’s gotta eat right? Anyway, in the course of my researches into the ins and outs of things like search marketing and click through rates I often run across something that is relevant to my efforts as a blogger. Continue reading

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Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance in the Temple of the Hidden Wisdom

Part of the mystique of magick is that it claims to have its origins in the hidden wisdom of the ancients. The thought of accessing forgotten secrets of magick with a biblical vintage creates an exotic atmosphere of spiritual rebellion as enticing as the promise of the alchemical gold. To some, the antiquity of a magickal reference is almost more important than its efficacy, reaching back across a repressive aeon to an imagined age of potent mages with unimaginable magickal powers accessed by their arcane secret teachings that were verbally communicated in hushed tones in the dead of night to a worthy successor. Continue reading

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The End of the World Has Been Postponed Due to Technical Difficulties

Interestingly the end of the world fan club on social media have simply dropped the whole December 21st phenomenon as if it wasn’t really that important after all and have gone back to rallying for the unflouridation of our water supplies and other low level urban conspiracies that they are won’t to amuse themselves with. It is rather like a wave has washed over the beach and we are waiting for the sea to generate the next wave of predictions. Continue reading

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