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Writing Pyramidos

My latest book; Pyramidos: Self Initiation in the Aeon of Horus, has its genesis in a series of correspondences between myself and a magician of considerable knowledge and experience. Having both found success in our practice of magick we both find ourselves in a position of offering guidance and advice to novices at the occult arts and we discussed potential strategies for providing useful and practical advice for these students as they embark upon the Path of the Wise. This original inspiration ultimately led to writing a comprehensive book on the symbolism and practical performance of one of Aleister Crowley’s least well known magical compositions; the Pyramidos Ritual. Continue reading

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The Magick of Money

Nothing makes you think about money more than not having any. Perhaps this is because having money makes it much easier to occupy your time. As a consequence, those without it also spend a lot of time thinking about how to get their hands on some. Once they have gotten taken possession of the coveted cash, rather than finding fulfillment in the success of the operation, they begin to worry about how to get more. It seems that money is the one thing that we can never really get enough of. After all; there always something more to buy with it. Continue reading

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The Mystick Adventures of the Magus Ankhafnakhonsu

in recent weeks I have had an even more synchronous experience of life than even I am used to with one encounter that even managed to surprise an old magician like myself Continue reading

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The Business of Writing 3

One of the first misconceptions about being an author is that all that you have to do is get your book published and it will go on Amazon.com and start selling like mad. The reality is that unless you have told them that it is there nobody is going to know and that isn’t going to sell a whole lot of books. This is the part of book promotions where you use your hard sell pitch to your prospective customers/readers and there are several avenues open to authors to directly promote their books. Not all of these methods are going to work for every kind of book or for every author but most authors will be able to apply one or two of these activities to their book marketing strategy. Continue reading

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Recommended Occult Reading

In my previous post I alluded to the fact that many modern students of the occult arts in their various forms are not acquainted with the classical texts on the subject. It is easy to criticize but more constructive to share and so I have given the subject some thought and compiled a list of the books that I found most useful in my own studies of magick. Continue reading

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