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Writing Pyramidos

My latest book; Pyramidos: Self Initiation in the Aeon of Horus, has its genesis in a series of correspondences between myself and a magician of considerable knowledge and experience. Having both found success in our practice of magick we both find ourselves in a position of offering guidance and advice to novices at the occult arts and we discussed potential strategies for providing useful and practical advice for these students as they embark upon the Path of the Wise. This original inspiration ultimately led to writing a comprehensive book on the symbolism and practical performance of one of Aleister Crowley’s least well known magical compositions; the Pyramidos Ritual. Continue reading

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Facebook Occultists

This has been a revolution is the once eremitic world of magick and it has spawned a generation of online occultists of different descriptions. The place where these post modern magi meet to swap incantations in the 21st Century is Facebook. An ardent seeker can find hundreds of open groups on the social site that have the word “magick” or “witchcraft” in their names and the variations on these make for tens of thousands of groups, some small and other with thousands of members, that are devoted to the discussion of the occult. Continue reading

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Where to Find the Magick on the Web

The boom in internet witches and wizards has flooded the interwebz with hundreds of thousands of websites devoted to one occult practice or another. Many of them are a simple regurgitation of other sites which are themselves essentially cut and pasted from e-books and other obscure references. Among all of this white noise it can be hard to distinguish the websites that offer quality resources. After a few years of surfing the astral part of the web I have compiled this short list of essential websites for every student of the occult to keep bookmarked in their browser. Continue reading

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Who Put the Magick in Tarot?

Recently I was invited to attend a gathering of witches for a rite that was performed to work with the new moon. As a ceremonial magician these types of ritual are always somewhat alien to my own understanding of magick and, although there are often features in common between the practice of witches and my own style of magick, I am usually far more interested in the things that are done differently. On this occasion though it was the use of something familiar in a way that was unfamiliar that has got my mind turning over. Continue reading

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The Mystical Magick of Theurgy

In recent weeks I have been in the final stages of publishing my fifth book, The Sword & The Serpent and my focus has necessarily shifted from the work of writing the book to that of publicizing it. This has entailed trying to explain the contents of the book to my prospective readers (all of you) and so, after years of considering the details of The Sword & The Serpent I have had to turn to considering the book as a whole. Continue reading

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