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The Dawning New Age of Books

Of course the established cabal of traditional publishing houses is not too keen on seeing these sorts of threats to their monopoly on the book business. The initial reaction of the “Big Five” was to dismiss POD as vanity publishing, a common practice for centuries in which the author paid for all of the production costs and managed promotion and marketing privately. In doing this they missed the mark by ignoring the significant differences between POD models and vanity publishing. Continue reading

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Spiderbots Can’t Read

In my life as a freelance copywriter I learn a good many things, much of it is basically useless trivia but some of it is absolutely essential to my 21st Century life. Most of what I have been writing revolves around discussing, explaining or expressing an opinion on something to do with internet marketing. Dull, I know, but a guy’s gotta eat right? Anyway, in the course of my researches into the ins and outs of things like search marketing and click through rates I often run across something that is relevant to my efforts as a blogger. Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing, Caiseal Mór and the Dreaming Tree

Caiseal is a pretty amazing guy. He has written 14 bestselling novels, plays a wide range of instruments, makes traditional style drums from recycled material and is a keen proponent of sigil magick. All of that and he was diagnosed as being autistic as a child. Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the Details- the Minutiæ of Finishing a Book

It is at this stage in the publishing process that a manuscript begins to look like a book for the first time. I am an old hand at this business now, my latest book The Sword & The Serpent is number five, but somehow seeing my work being transformed into a product hasn’t lost any of its allure. Continue reading

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The Business of Writing 3

One of the first misconceptions about being an author is that all that you have to do is get your book published and it will go on Amazon.com and start selling like mad. The reality is that unless you have told them that it is there nobody is going to know and that isn’t going to sell a whole lot of books. This is the part of book promotions where you use your hard sell pitch to your prospective customers/readers and there are several avenues open to authors to directly promote their books. Not all of these methods are going to work for every kind of book or for every author but most authors will be able to apply one or two of these activities to their book marketing strategy. Continue reading

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