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The Dawning New Age of Books

Of course the established cabal of traditional publishing houses is not too keen on seeing these sorts of threats to their monopoly on the book business. The initial reaction of the “Big Five” was to dismiss POD as vanity publishing, a common practice for centuries in which the author paid for all of the production costs and managed promotion and marketing privately. In doing this they missed the mark by ignoring the significant differences between POD models and vanity publishing. Continue reading

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The Business of Writing 1

Most people have an image of authors and the business of writing that owes more to fiction than reality. The popular idea that writers scratch out a scintillating new novel and fire it off to their publishers between sipping martinis at celebrity soirees and attending book signings where their adoring fans queue for them to scrawl a platitude over their signature in copies of their latest novel are a nice dream but they have nothing to do with this plane of existence. Continue reading

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Publishing Master of the Crossroads

During the past year I have investigated the brave new world of Print on Demand (POD) and e-book publishing that are emerging and posing a real threat to the traditional publishing houses that have, for a long time, had a stranglehold on which books do and don’t make it to the presses. I have learned that most of the books that appear in the bestseller lists are there not because the grassroots book buying punters have rushed out and bought copies but because the big publishing houses produce tens of thousands of books to then push onto booksellers and that artificially inflate the sales numbers of their most successful authors. Continue reading

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New Paths to Publication

“The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader. Everyone who stands between those two has both risk and opportunity.”
Clearly amazon.com stands squarely between these two groups and intends to take the fullest advantage of their position. For publishing houses this is probably a bad thing as many won’t have the funds to compete with amazon.com but is it bad for writers and their readers? Continue reading

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The Reviews are in!

The first reviews of my latest book A Comment on the Verses of the Book of the Law are starting to come online and I am finding it all very exciting and enjoyable. My publisher sent me one as an attachment to an e-mail and I watched the download count with some trepidation as to what I would read about my book. Continue reading

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