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Writing Pyramidos

My latest book; Pyramidos: Self Initiation in the Aeon of Horus, has its genesis in a series of correspondences between myself and a magician of considerable knowledge and experience. Having both found success in our practice of magick we both find ourselves in a position of offering guidance and advice to novices at the occult arts and we discussed potential strategies for providing useful and practical advice for these students as they embark upon the Path of the Wise. This original inspiration ultimately led to writing a comprehensive book on the symbolism and practical performance of one of Aleister Crowley’s least well known magical compositions; the Pyramidos Ritual. Continue reading

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The Dawning New Age of Books

Of course the established cabal of traditional publishing houses is not too keen on seeing these sorts of threats to their monopoly on the book business. The initial reaction of the “Big Five” was to dismiss POD as vanity publishing, a common practice for centuries in which the author paid for all of the production costs and managed promotion and marketing privately. In doing this they missed the mark by ignoring the significant differences between POD models and vanity publishing. Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing, Caiseal Mór and the Dreaming Tree

Caiseal is a pretty amazing guy. He has written 14 bestselling novels, plays a wide range of instruments, makes traditional style drums from recycled material and is a keen proponent of sigil magick. All of that and he was diagnosed as being autistic as a child. Continue reading

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The Mystical Magick of Theurgy

In recent weeks I have been in the final stages of publishing my fifth book, The Sword & The Serpent and my focus has necessarily shifted from the work of writing the book to that of publicizing it. This has entailed trying to explain the contents of the book to my prospective readers (all of you) and so, after years of considering the details of The Sword & The Serpent I have had to turn to considering the book as a whole. Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the Details- the Minutiæ of Finishing a Book

It is at this stage in the publishing process that a manuscript begins to look like a book for the first time. I am an old hand at this business now, my latest book The Sword & The Serpent is number five, but somehow seeing my work being transformed into a product hasn’t lost any of its allure. Continue reading

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