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Buying Enlightenment

Because I have become noted for my occult interests I am constantly invited to be involved in courses of study, workshops and other new age spiritual experiences, almost all of which come with a price tag, sometimes quite a hefty one. It seems that everyone with a magickal bent is keen to share their dark occult secrets- for a price Continue reading

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Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance in the Temple of the Hidden Wisdom

Part of the mystique of magick is that it claims to have its origins in the hidden wisdom of the ancients. The thought of accessing forgotten secrets of magick with a biblical vintage creates an exotic atmosphere of spiritual rebellion as enticing as the promise of the alchemical gold. To some, the antiquity of a magickal reference is almost more important than its efficacy, reaching back across a repressive aeon to an imagined age of potent mages with unimaginable magickal powers accessed by their arcane secret teachings that were verbally communicated in hushed tones in the dead of night to a worthy successor. Continue reading

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Recommended Occult Reading

In my previous post I alluded to the fact that many modern students of the occult arts in their various forms are not acquainted with the classical texts on the subject. It is easy to criticize but more constructive to share and so I have given the subject some thought and compiled a list of the books that I found most useful in my own studies of magick. Continue reading

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The Magick of Jack Parson, Modern Scholarship & Chinese Whispers

In a recent conversation with a group of ‘old school’ magicians, witches and occultists the question of how poorly read on occult topics most current students of occultism seem to be in the present day came up. The thread in question had evolved out of a post about Jack Parsons, the famed rocket scientist, libertine author and, most interestingly to this group, the heir to Crowley’s Hermetic Order the OTO after the death of his immediate successor Karl Germer. Continue reading

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An Evening with Lady Elizabeth Rose

Lady Elizabeth Rose certainly looked the part of the goddess of the midsummer festival as she danced us back to the circle where she deftly had the gathered assemblage form themselves into an evenly spaced circle around a central altar before warmly welcoming us all to her magick circle to celebrate the Sabbat of Litha with her. Continue reading

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