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The Last Post

For whatever irrational reason we become obsessed at this time of year with looking back on the year just passed and with resolving to do better in the year to come. Simply because of the arbitrary choice of a date from which the days of the year begin counting up afresh we all feel the urge to make ‘out with the old and in with the new’ a fixation for a few days before returning to our normal circadian rhythms and taking up once again the habits that were so recently and devoutly foresworn. Continue reading

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My Career as a Freelancer

I have developed my writing portfolio into a large compendium of work and whilst I haven’t thought of it as being of much value outside of this blog and the few other places that I have posted others have been more enthusiastic about it and have inspired me to look to writing more seriously. Just perhaps my passion (or one of them) could become my profession! Maybe I could live the dream! Continue reading

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A Poor Standard of Value

The fact that the ratings agencies had a major part in the financial collapse seems to have gone unnoticed in the media glare of the fall of some of the US’s biggest banks and their overlords. Continue reading

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A Day For Black Cats

As the Naked Listener informed me on his eclectic and interesting blog, today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and so I have decided to be self-indulgent and post a picture of my own black cat QT. Continue reading

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Thelemites and Crowleyanity

investigating Thelemites and Thelemic resources on the internet … in turn has raised in my mind the question of where Thelema is at now and how that relates to what is actually said in the Book of the Law. To understand this, first we must look at the history of the development of Thelema as a religion as well as at the works of Thelema’s first prophet on order to determine how much is Thelemite and how much is Crowleyanity. Continue reading

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